2008. július 4., péntek


MAIO beíongs to the leeward group and is located south of the isíand of BOAVISTA and about 25 km east of SANTIAGO. It has a surface area of 268 km2, the longest point, in a north-south direction being 24 km and the widest point, in an east-west direction is 16 km. The island is on the whole fairly flat, the highest point, in the middle, is Monte Penoso, with an altitude of 436 m. The valleys are arid and dry and not very deep. The climate is very dry and the land is essentially calcium based s rock. The island does in fact have the biggest forest park in Cape Verde. The Northern region has been well eroded by the rough seas and the strong Northeast winds. Along the coast there are numerous and very beautiful beaches of fine golden sand.

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